Your pet? Nahhh, MyPet!
In this plugin tutorial, I will be teaching you how to use the MyPet plugin to it's fullest potential... Starting with the basics! Although keep in mind, some actions cannot be done unless your rank is at a certain level
(Pet capturing, training, and utilizing can not be done until you have reached Certified rank) :rollseyes:
I personally love this plugin because it greatly alters the gameplay of the server and it can be VERY useful if you know what you're doing. Don't sleep on MyPet!

Getting a Pet!
To start off, you will need the item "lead" and any mob, hostile or passive, of your choosing
(Make sure that if you have captured another pet to put it away before trying to capture another)
Take your lead and hit the mob that you want with it. Not right click, left click
(For hostile mobs, their health must be around 1 or 2 hearts. Passive mobs must be tamed)

Congratulations! You have now your own pet! You have the option of changing the pet name with /petname (name) otherwise, it will display the mob type

Skill Trees

Skill trees give abilities to your pet and allows your pet to perform specific actions:

Combat - Good for a good fight against mobs and other pets and players
Allows your pet to deal damage to other players, pets, and mobs of your choosing
Regenerate HP lost in combat
Pet gains the thorns ability
Pet gains the knockback ability

Utility - Good for a mobile inventory (Very useful)
Pet gains a large, mobile inventory (Bigger than double chest)
Pet gains more HP than default
Pet gains the ability to pickup dropped items within a radius
Pet gains poison attack

PvP - Good for owner advantages due to beacon effects
Allows your pet to deal damage to other players, pets, and mobs of your choosing
Allows your pet to sprint to it's target
Allows your pet to give a slow affect to it's target
Allows your pet to burn it's oppressor
Pet gains a beacon ability with changeable perks

Ride - Good for riding any mob you choose
Allows pet owner to ride the pet by right clicking the pet with lead
Allows pet to do ranged attacks
Pet gains personal, mobile inventory (smaller than utility's) and pickup ability
Allows your pet to sprint to it's target
Pet gains thorns ability
Pet gains a beacon ability with changeable perks

Farm - Good for hostile mob farms
Allows pet to switch between ranged and melee attack modes
Pet gains a large inventory
Pet gains thorns ability
Pet gains poison ability
Allows owner to control the pet's movement by looking in a direction while holding lead

These are all the skill trees you can choose from by using /pcst after capturing a pet and you are able to see the skills your pet has obtained by doing /petskill. This will list all of the skills your pet has learned

Getting Familiar With Your Pet
A very useful command to use is /petinfo to show xp info, hunger, and what the pets eat

Each and every pet has it's own specific treat, usually 1 but sometimes more. When feeding the pet, you hold the food and right click the pet. If the pet has low health, feeding it will only gain the pet health before it starts affecting the status of the pet's hunger so it will be wise to continue to right click the item until it doesn't allow you to anymore. You will see hearts above the pet when it is being fed

Leveling Up
To level up your pet, you will need to have a pet active and you can do something as simple as killing mobs. If you're killing mobs with a pet active, it will gradually level the pet up. Some abilities will not work until the pet is of a certain level. Once an ability is unlocked, it will notify you as well as what command to use and what level the pet is

Multiple Pet Swicthing
Hey you! I see you wanna be a baller like MooshJr himself! in order for you to obtain multiple pets, you will have to have a rank that allows multiple pets and do /petstore to store your current pet and follow the same steps as last time to obtain a new pet and set up skill trees. When you're ready to switch between billy the farmer and bob the guardian, you have to do /petswitch to see any available pets you have available to switch from

Sending Your Pet Away
I see you're tired of a ghast completely blocking your vision while you're building a statue of Stoniasawsome, I know, I've been there. No worries! all you need to do is /psa to send your pet away and when your sexy statue is finished, you can run /petc to summon your pet again. Sending your pet away is different from storing your pet. Sending your pet away only makes it not with you while it is still active while storing your pet puts it inside of the mypet inventory and you will have to run /petswitch to regain your pet. You are able to have your pet sent away and still level it up but you are not able to level your pet up while it is stored

Controlling Your Pet
When your pet reaches a certain level, depending on it's skill tree, you are able to set how the pet acts by using /petb


Friendly- the pet will not fight even when it's attacked by anything
Normal- the pet will act like a normal wolf
Aggresive- attacks automatically everything within 15 blocks of the owner
Farm- attacks automatically every Monster within 15 blocks of the owner
Raid- like normal but the pet will not attack players and their minions (wolves, ocelot, pets)
Duel- pets will attack other pets with active duel behavior within a 5 block radius

If you hit a person while your pet is in a mode such as normal and you don't want your pet to attack that player, you must do /pets to stop the pet from attacking the player or even a mob

Other Commands
Here are some other commands that can aid you in your MyPet adventures

/mypet Shows all of the MyPet commands
/pettype This command may be confusing at first but it will list every single capturable mob (you have to [tab] through it) and once you find the mob you want info on, it will show the default hp, whether it needs to be low hp or tamed, and what the pet eats
/petoptions healthbar will toggle whether or not the healthbar of your pet will always be visible
/petoptions idle-volume will give you the option of setting the volume of the sound the pet makes while it is idle (percent)
/petcapturehelper will show a red particle when the pet's health is too high to capture or a green particle when the pet is ready to capture upon next hit with lead

I will be adding anything else I find useful for the mypet plugin. Mess around and have fun with it, you will learn on your own and experience is the best way to understand this plugin. I have had no prior history with this plugin yet because I mess around with it and experiment, I know all there is to know. I would really suggest this plugin to anyone wanting to add a little "jazz" to their server and I'm glad our server has it :lol:

Any suggestions or additions? Feel free to leave a comment on this thread. I hope this is of help to your MyPet gameplay!