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Important Knuck's Builder Appkication

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Heya ston,

I am applying for a builder role (or similar) because I have many ideas for builds/ improvements to this already great server.I have been builder on a few other servers (but due to circumstances, I had no option to seep down).
Whether its a big build, or precise detail, I possess many skills such as; the ability to learn many new build styles; being able to quickly plan build ideas/size etc; and (dependant on build) being able to build quickly and effectively.

Your friend,
P,S: I know this is a short application, I had no ideas xD

Just ask me in-game for any things you may want to know.
Posted May 2, 18 · OP · Last edited May 2, 18 by Uganda_Knu...
knuck there is no application for builder. There is no app because i give builders op. Based on previous actions performed by you when you were given such power, i wont be giving you op again anytime soon. You know what im talking about. Your trust with such permissions must be regained.
Posted May 3, 18