I have taken some time behind the scenes and created what i hope to be a very fun game. This game is towny (war enabled) in a skyworld i created with worldpainter.
To begin the game simply walk away from spawn in any direction. if the paths become blocked or destroyed, you will have to use the blocks you were given when you joined to build your way to an island.
I created most biomes and some special features like an ocean monument biome. There is a end, nether, jungle plains, birch forest, hoodedforest, savanna, icespikes, extreme mountains, and serveral other biomes islands to look for.
This will be a battle for resources, there is only limited amounts of resources in the 5000 x 5000 map. This will be a chaotic map with much grief and land claiming happening. This means the world, its builds, players items, money and stats will also be erased. We will have a vault where you may keep a few chests of items for each resset. Your ranks will remain the same as they were before the restart. Restarts will be on a quarterly basis (every 3 months)
Here are some clips of some of the biomes