Hey guys, so by the title you can infer that this is a guide on how to use the towny war plugin. It is basically a plugin where nations can declare war upon another and steal plots. It is VERY hard to use though.

Lets say we have nation A. Nation A has town A. Nation A wants to declare war on Nation B. To do this, the king or assistant of nation A must declare war on nation B. Once this happens, they can begin the attack.

Inside of nation B lies a town called Town B. A resident of Town A goes to town B and finds a plot on the edge of town. He/she then places down a fence, which must be above ground. The fence will then have a piece of wool pop up onto it and a message will be sent throughout the server saing '<player name> has attacked Town B at the coordinates of <coordinates here>. This will only work if:
Both Nation B and Nation A have 2 people online.
Both Town B and Town A have 2 people online.
The flag is places on a plot at the edge of the town.
Once the wool is places the plot becomes pvp and anyone from Town A or town B can grief on it.

The wool will begin to change colors, going from green to red. It will take about 3 minutes to do this, and once it is red it will disappear and the plot will belong to town A. If Town B destroys the flag before it can change colors, then the plot will have pvp turned off and it will belong to Town B again.
Please note:
Whenever you place the flag, you will be charged 2k. If you steal the plot you get 3k.

Tips and tricks:
Go in with a group of players. Don't go solo, you might be attacked by many members of the town.
Once the wool is placed, put obsidian around it making it harder to get to. This can insure you being able to secure the plot.
Bring some good armor in case the defenders approach you.

That's all for the guide, thanks for checking it out, have fun raiding!