I am DeadPumpkin,

A 17 year old boy who enjoys playing on the server, I like the server and it's staff. The people on the server are almost always nice to me, and I would like to keep that. I love to help people who play on the server to keep the chat nice and friendly. That is why this is my application for Chat Moderator.

Here is a list of the requirements and how I get all of them:
- Must be Trusted for at least a week.
I have been trusted for almost 2 weeks now.

- Must be able to be on the server for around 15-20 hours a week.
I spend an average 16 hours on the server a week. It depends on how much I have to do for work. I try to be online as much as possible.

- Must have extensive knowledge of the server and its rules.
In the last month on this server I learned a lot of the server and its rules. By reading the forums I know what to do if anything happens in game.

- Must be mature
This could be a small problem, June 27th is my birthday, then I will turn 18. So I am not mature yet, But I feel a lot more mature than my age is. I am wondering if this will be a problem, please keep in touch.

- Moderates chat related issues
I will do what I can do to keep it nice and friendly, and if there are things I do not know yet, I will search for that things and make sure I get to know them.

- Requests all chat disturbances go to /msg.
As soon as something in chat goes too far with offensive language or spamming, I will ask the person to talk in /msg , and if needed, explain how it works.

- /Reports disturbances not related to chat.

If there are any other problems that occur, I will try to help and make it better, even if I think I can fix it I will make a report about it, so you know what happened. If I think I can not fix it I will also make a report about it.

Thanks for reading this all, it is a big application,
But I wanted to show you if I match the requirements.

See you in- Game!

- DeadPumpkin