As many of you shall know, Skyblock is on its way to becoming the newest part of the Minecrax Community. As of this, the server is holding a competition for who can build the best Skyblock islands. This post will explain any rules you need to follow, as well as some tips to aid you.

Rules- Nonnegotiable

1) 1 Entry per-person. This allows for easier voting as well as being fair.
2) Don't make it too OP. This is so there are no opportunities to gain a head-start against the rest of players. This is why selected people will analyse the islands to make sure no-one is either cheating, or giving secret over-powered items.
3) Be original! You are allowed to take ideas from other builds, but the majority of the island must be authentic.


1) Creativity is the key to success! People are more likely to vote for you if your island has creative twists and designs.
2) Bigger isn't always better!