Hello there,
As many of you know, Skyblock will be the newest edition to the MineCrax network and this is why this post is here! This will be dedicated to teaching people Da Wae of Skyblock.

Step 1- The Basics
One of the main priorities in the beginning of Skyblock is getting basic items and equipment that will aid you in your island's development. First of all, on the majority of islands there is a tree or 2, start by mining the tree and replanting any saplings you receive among the leaves decomposition. Using the wood, create a crafting table and place it down, then proceed to craft basic tools(pickaxe is priority). Secondly, use the lava/water provided in most island chests and create an unlimited water source-2x2 space of water- and then make a cobble-gen. Mine this cobblestone until you get enough to create stone tools. Once you have completed this, you have become one step closer to becoming a Skyblock Pro!

Step 2- Expanding The Island
Next on the list, is expanding the island, allowing for more structures that will accompany the island in the future. Personally, I recommend using stone/wood slabs as this saves resources. I suggest you expand by 5-10 blocks in each direction for the time being. Furthermore, it may be most beneficial to start building multiple layers to organise each specific range of structures I.e: Agricultural(farming), houses etc.

Step 3-Advancements
Now, after all the work you have done, you are probably feeling quite hungry. This is why the next step is building a farm. Currently, it would be a bit of a challenge to make an automatic farm, so just build a regular farm consisting of wheat, pumpkin and melon as you not only can eat them, you can also sell them! Next on the list, is a house; Skyblock isn't all about technical stuff you know! For the beginning, just a basic house will do, to contain a bed, 2-3 furnaces, a crafting table, and chests to store all of your resources. You are nearly there!

Step 4-The Finale!
Finally, by now you should have a panoply of diverse structures and farms, and to be honest, you are now a SkyblockPro!
Here are some final things you may want to do:
1) Automate farms to maximise efficency
2) Build amazing houses
3) Try to complete all the challenges!

I hope this post has helped any people that may not of known how to play Skyblock. I request that any inquires/suggestions you may have are either sent to me ingame by /mail send Kill3r_M3m3_Star [message] or commented down below!