Welcome [Stranger],

In this thread, you will find some basic information on how to start making money and even develop your own town. I look forward to seeing your progress on the server!

You have just joined the server... what do you do? You may have some questions such as how do I start a town? How do I make money? Can I get a rank? OP me, please? Let's answer them.

How do I start a town?
"Starting a town is simple... maintaining one is a little more difficult." - Toys

  1. $15,000 of in-game credits.
  2. A location.

Once you meet the above requirements, all you need to do is type "/t new [name of your town]" to start. Next, you should deposit some money into your town because it costs daily to maintain a town. The daily cost is $250 of in-game currency per claimed plot.

To deposit money, type "/t deposit [amount you want to deposit]" and you will have added money to your town bank.

How do I make money?
"There are many ways to make money... do them all for the best outcome!" - Toys

  1. The ability to play Minecraft.
  2. The ability to type and click.

If you meet the requirements above, then you are able to make all the money you will ever need in Minecrax.

The easiest way to make some quick money is to vote for the server. Type "/vote" to see the list of links that you can use to vote for the server. Each vote provides you with $1,500 of in-game currency, some diamonds, and a Minecrax crate key. Given that all the vote websites are working, and given that as of today (April 4th, 2018) there are eight websites that you can vote in, you should receive a minimum of $12,000 of in-game currency daily.

Next, try getting a job! This server has the Jobs plugin, which allows a user to do actions and get paid for it. Type "/jobs browse" to see a list of available jobs. You can have up to three jobs at [stranger] rank, just type "/jobs join [name of job]" for each job, and start getting paid for each action explicitly explained in the job description.

You can post items in the Auction House! Just type "/ah" and you will get a list of all the items posted. Now, type "/ah sell [price of item] [amount of item]" to sell the item you are currently holding on the Auction House. If you need more information on the Auction House plugin, type "/ah help" and you will get a list of the available commands.

I am sure there are other ways you could make money, and more will probably come in the future, but these are the simplest ones to start you off.

Can I get a rank?
"Yes, you can." - Toys

  1. You have a Minecraft character in Minecrax.
  2. You are playing in the server.

To gain a rank without paying real money, you just need to play. This works up to [divine] rank, and does not include staff ranks. The ultimate rank of [god] can only be achieved by buying it from the Minecrax online store. The ranks are determined by the server based on your overall playtime. To check just type "/ontime" and you will receive a detailed list of your time in Minecrax.

Ranks by hours/days:
  1. [Stranger] the default rank.
  2. [Certified] 48 hours (2 days).
  3. [Notorious] 96 hours (4 days).
  4. [Miraculous] 192 hours (8 days).
  5. [Divine] 288 hours (12 days).

OP me, please?
"I can't OP anyone, sorry!" - Toys

No one will ever say yes to this, so please don't ask!

If I am missing anything, or if there are any mistakes... please let me know. I hope this helps someone!