Staff Guidelines

This page pertains to Trusted, Chat Mod, Mod, Admin, Dev and all unlisted staff ranks. You must have a valid account on the server and the website to apply for any of these positions. All Trusted and staff ranks inherit the rules from lesser ranks.

Rank Requirements

Trusted Rank
This is not a staff rank, rather a prestaff/honest player
- Must be active on the server for one week before applying.
- Must show an understanding of server rules.
* We look for interaction, assistance, and general knowledge.
* We want people who understand what we look for in the server.
* We Look for mature, helpful, patient players.
* Trusted Members must never refer to themselves as "staff".
* This is pretty open to interpretation, so if you feel you are what we want, then feel free to apply.
Trusted Rules:
- Do not enforce rules if a staff member is online. (thats staffs job)
- If you must mute/kick someone make a /report bout it.
- Do not refer to yourself as staff.

Chat Moderator:
- Must be Trusted for at least a week.
- Must be able to be on the server for around 15-20 hours a week.
- Must have extensive knowledge of the server and its rules.
- Must be mature.
- Moderates chat related issues.
- Requests all chat disturbances go to /msg.
- /Reports disturbances not related to chat.

- Must be a Chat Moderator for at least two weeks.
- Must fill all chat moderator requirements.
- Maintains and responds to reports.
- Maintains general happiness on the server.
- Must be able to be on the server for at least 20-30 hours a week.
- Reports directly to Stoniasawsome.
- Must maintain server forums.

- Must be active on the server.
- Must show they can actually make plugins!
- Must know basic website skills.
- Must understand that your job is to create what we need, not what you think we need.

Stoniasawsome has final judgement on how and when to demote or promote.

Staff Integrity/Standards

Staff Image - It's important that staff maintain an air of responsibility and maturity. Chat spamming, griefing, kick wars, mute wars, random jailing, etc. should not occur.

Communication - Please, communicate with each other, use the forums. Teamwork is what will keep this server stable. You must actively take part in discussions, especially those in the staff forums, as important issues about the future of the server is discussed.

Community Activeness - Please try to spend at least thirty minutes a day on the server, and 30 minutes on the forums, to keep up with the community.

Forums - Please be responsible on the forums, do not flame, insult, or belittle users on the forums. Do not delete threads, lock them. Only delete posts if they're inciting flame wars or are completely irrelevant in an important thread, do not delete them permanently.

Player Assistance - If a player is asking for reasonable assistance that you can provide some or all of, do so. Do not wait until someone else gets on, help them out. It's part of being a staff member, and helps everyone out.

Reporting - If you see or encounter a problem, screenshot it, and make a /report about it. It could be days before the proverbial 'someone else' comes along and sees or encounters it. Don't wait for someone who can fix it to get on, /report it immediately, so that they're not swamped when they log on, and can get to/remember to get to all the issues that crop up. All punishment interactions between players and staff must be reported (/report).


Chat related (spam, advertising, etc.)
If a topic between players becomes toxic or offensive, tell them to "bring it to /msg"
1st offence: Warning/Report
2nd offence: Warning/mute/Report
3rd offence: Kick (with reason (spam not allowed))/Report
4th offence: tempban 1 day or more/Report

Scamming / Stealing
*Players who scam in game items such as fake money, fake mcmmo items,lying for deception and gain
- Warning/Report
- Tempban/Report
*Players who scam real life money.
- Ban/Banip ban from discord, ban from website/Report

1st offence: Warning/Report
2nd offence: Warning/Report
3rd offence: Kick (with reason (tpkilling not allowed))/Report
4th offence: tempban 1 day or more/Report.

Acts against the server
Acts against the server include hacking, alt abuse, threats to the server, Etc.
- Ban

Any other interaction not named
1st offence: Warning/Report
2nd offence: Warning/Report
3rd offence: Kick (with reason (scamming not allowed))/Report
4th offence: tempban 1 day or more/Report.